Experience Future Aleppo – an interactive exhibit, VR experience and workshop for children and adults!


Mohammed Kteish dreams of seeing his beautiful home town Aleppo rebuilt. He turns his dream into a reality with paper models, and his imaginary city grows and grows in his father Wael’s garage. But the war forces Mohammad and his family to flee to Turkey. This is where he meets filmmaker Alex Pearson and together they rebuild the model, this time with interactive technology so that other children can experience Mohammed’s dream. The model is coming to Stockholm and exhibited during the festival by White Arkitekter (Östgötagatan 100).








Tempo invites children and adults to a workshop together with creator Mohammed Kteish (via Skype), Alex Pearson (director) and Andy Overton (VR developer). In the workshop we get to know Mohammed and hear of his vision, build our own models, provide them with sound and an interactive cityscape as well as a personal VR experience that can be relived with a mobile device. The workshop takes place at White Arkitekter’s HQ and is intended for school classes as well as children and adults of all ages. The workshop is offered in Swedish, English and Arabic.







Meet Mohammed in a virtual world created in its entirety by him. Allow Mohammed to guide you through his home town and see buildings and the city come to life through interactive actions that are exciting for children and adults alike! Future Aleppo’s VR experience teaches you about the city and its memorials but your own creativity is highly encouraged!

The project is a collaboration between Tempo and White Arkitekter. With support from the Swedish Arts Grant Committee. ABOUT WHITE: White Arkitekter was founded by Sidney White in 1951 and is an interdisciplinary practice with wide range of projects and offices in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. The founder wanted to improve society through architecture and his legacy lives on in the ambition to contribute to building a sustainable world.

Exhibition, March 6 17.00
With a panel discussion about possibilities for new technology and design.

Finissage 10 mars 17.00

Other opening times for the exhibit
March 7-8, 16.00 – 18.00

March 9 09.00 – 14.00 only open to school classes
March 10 13.00 – 17.00 open application for families.

Sign up by emailing: melissa.lindgren@tempofestival.se

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