Syriatypes, art and activism online

As a Syrian artist and activist – how do you pick up the threads of an old life and move forward when you’re in exile and without networks? How do you get a sense of identity when the media portrays your country merely as a land of bloody conflicts, jihadist nests and victims?

Syriatypes is a transmedia project, an interactive space, giving voice to the non-violent and equal rights minded men and women, who took an active role in the revolution and still have stories to tell. The idea was born out of the need to communicate something else then the stereotypes of victims and war, and the lack of a space where this could be done. Syriatypes is a platform developed by artists and activists, for artists and activists. Engage in Syrian projects, meet the persons behind them and be part of creating the next or spreading their work – Syrians and the world needs other stories then those told by mass media.

Meet the artists and people behind the platform. Hear their stories and ask questions about their reality. Get a sneak-peak of the platform and, if you want to, get engaged.

Syriatype is a House of Real project, created and produced by Marie Skovgaard, Maxim Abou Diab, Anna J Ljungmark and our Syrian friends.

The project is financed by Kvinfo and IMS.

Read more about the artists: Ossama Halal, Diala Brisly och Omar Imam.
Diala Brisly has unfortunately been denied entry to Sweden and will therefore not attend. Read more about the news here.

Participants: Ossama Halal, Diala Brisly and Omar Imam together with the initiators Marie Skovgaard and Anna J Ljungmark (House of the Real).

Moderator: Antony Merjan 

In collaboration with Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen and support of European Union, European Regional Development Fund.